Peruvian Quinoa Soup | Bootcamp Victoria BC

One of the healthy ingredients Tamara has shared with us is Quinoa. Quinoa is an ancient grain, full of nutrition and it’s a complete protein! Yay!

This weekend, I made Quinoa Soup. I was inspired by a recipe I happened upon here.

I didn’t have any zucchini so I used red pepper. I also didn’t have an potatoes. I garnished he soup with avocado slices, fresh lime juice and cilantro.  Delicious! The flavours of the Quinoa, peppers and onions gave it a nutty sweetness and the lime and cilantro gave it a fresh finish.

Peruvian Quinoa Soup

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The Food Journal | Bootcamp Victoria, BC

One of the components of Tamara’s Fitness Bootcamps is the nutrition. Tamara is a nutrition wellness specialist and in each class suggests we keep a food journal. She also talks about healthy eating options throughout the bootcamp session.  If you decide to keep a food journal, you can hand in daily sheets and Tamara will review them and suggest options where necessary.

Filling out the food journal is my biggest challenge. If I am tempted by unhealthy food, I am less likely to fall to temptation if I have to write it down.  This bootcamp I am striving to take the extra time to write things down.. it’s only 6 weeks after all!

Each bootcamp, you get a number of healthy and easy recipes. Each time you go, you get a new set! How cool is that?

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Class #2 | Bootcamp Victoria

The weather was on our side for bootcamp class #2! Yay! It’s hit or miss in the spring so a refreshingly cool March evening is perfect for working out. Most of us didn’t even need a jacket once we warmed up.

After a warm up, we did a circuit using weights, balls, Bosu and bands. As in every bootcamp class, we finish off with back/abs and a stretch.

It feels so good to be back at outdoor bootcamp!

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Outdoor Bootcamp Season starts again | Bootcamp Victoria BC

One of the reasons that I love March is because it’s the start of Tamara’s Fitness outdoor bootcamp season. My favourite part of the class (other than the fitness benefits of course) is that the classes are all held outdoors in parks in and around Victoria.

I am taking on a couple of challenges this summer. One is to be a Tamara’s Fitness guest blogger and the other is to really focus on my fitness goals this season (and beyond that).

The first class is always the fitness test. We test our starting out cardio and strength levels so we can measure where we are after the 6 weeks. Tamara also kindly and without judgement, takes our measurements and our weights as well as our body fat percentage. She talks about where the healthy rage is for your body fat is (for your age) and helps you set measurable, achievable goals for the 6 week  bootcamp session.

Whether you prefer to wake up early to take the morning indoor bootcamp session or to take in the sights around Victoria at the evening outdoor camp, each camp is progressive. The first classes are easy to begin with and each class is progressively more challenging.

I am looking forward to blogging about my Tamara’s Fitness guest blogger challenge this spring!  I survived fitness testing…. Next post…. Class #2!

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Winter Indoor Bootcamps starting up soon! | Bootcamp Fitness Victoria, BC

Winter indoor bootcamps will be starting up soon. Get fit for the holidays!

Check back for schedules in a few days and check out for more info and photos.

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